Concrete Cylinder End Grinding Machine

This machine is ideal for commercial testing labs and large producerswho need to prepare a lot of cylinders for testing and don’t want to deal with the fumes or wait times associated with capping compounds. It can handle all sizes of cylinders and cores from 3" x 6" to 6" x 12". The unit is an easy-to-use, self-contained machine that will face cylinder ends to ASTM C617 specs. The H-2965 uses a high-quality genuine diamond cutting wheel, which is supplied, to produce an accurate, smooth finish. The rotational speed of the diamond cutting wheel is variable to 6200 RPM, depending on quality of finish desired.

  • Grinds the faces of concrete cylinders plane and parallel to within ASTM C617
  • One pass of the diamond wheel is usually sufficient
  • Compression testing can commence immediately after grinding without the use of capping materials

Power supply requirements:
208/220 volts single phase with neutral wire. 30Amps. 60 hz.
Conforms CSA A23.1-04
ASTM C39 Performs Surface planeness 0.05mm (normal concrete);
0.025mm (high strength concrete)
Perpendicularity to axis 0.5 degrees
3mm in 300mm Parallelism at the two end surfaces from perpendicular to axis

Weight:900lbs. 400Kg
Width: 4' 1.2 m
Height: 5' 1.5 m
Depth: 4' 1.2 m

Width: 30" 0.76 m
Height: 4' 1.2 m
Depth: 3' 0.92 m
Quality construction
1 yr. limited warranty

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