Cylinder Carrier (Cradle Type)

Steel cylinder carrier is plated to resist rust. Used to carry 6" (152mm) dia. concrete cylinders in field or laboratory.

Cylinder Carrier (Cradle Type)– H-2945

Cylinder Carrier (Gripper Type)

Employs a hand-grip pincer action to secure standard 6" (152mm) dia. cylinders.

Cylinder Carrier (Gripper Type)– H-2945G

4" Concrete Cylinder Wrap

Used to minimize fragment scattering and reduce cleanup time after the compression test. Made of canvas/nylon with Velcro fastening strips.

4" Concrete Cylinder Wrap– H-2900.4

6" Concrete Cylinder Wrap

6" Concrete Cylinder Wrap– H-2900.6

Welded Sample Cart

Premium-grade all-welded cart has 800-lb. capacity. Features 5 x 1-1/4" casters mounted to cross-channel bolster plate for added support, convenient offset handle and 36" x 24" (914 x 609mm) tray size. Smooth finish; no rough edges. Shipped assembled. Shipping wt. 75 lbs. (34kg)

Welded Sample Cart– H-2943

Sample Cart

For use in handling concrete beams and cylinders, plus soil and aggregate samples in the lab or field. Ready to assemble. Cart has pan-type rolled-edge 3-1/2" (89mm) deep steel shelves. Top shelf reverses to flat working surface. Features 5" (127mm) dia. rubber casters; front casters swivel for easy steering. Dimensions: 24" x 36" x 32" (61 x 91 x 97cm). Assembly required. Shipping wt. 43 lbs. (19.5kg)

Sample Cart– H-2944

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