Brief Introductions:

SHR-150EP is an effective electronic plastic Rockwell testing machine with high accuracy, reliability and durability, it is applied at the workshops and measurement departments for determining the Rockwell hardness of the hard rubber and plastic.


Instrument Features:

SHR-150EP analogue gauge resolution is 0.5HR, it is useful to improve the reading accuracy than tradiontal 1HR resolution;

  • SHR-150EP dwell time from 1 to 60S can be setup by the “time key” on the panel, it is much conveninent than the setup on the manual hardness tester;
  • SHR-150EP force knob adopts the metall material to replace the plastic, it improves the instrument using-life a lot;
  • SHR-150EP loading, dwell and unloading is driven by electronic motor automaticly, doesn’t need the operator to handle it, it eliminates the human operating error maxiumly.

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Technical Specifications

Rockwell Scales HRE, HRL, HRM, HRR
Preliminary test force 10Kgf(98.07N)
All Testing Force 60Kgf (588.4N), 100Kgf (980.7N)
Hardness Indication Analogue Display
Hardness Resolution 0.5HR
Dwell Time Adjustable 1 ~ 60S
Max. Height of Specimen 175mm
Instrument Throat 165mm
Dimension (L*W*H) 520x215x700mm
Plywood Packing Dimension 630x440x960mm
Gross/Net Weight 120/90Kg
Power Supply AC220V /50Hz;110V/60Hz
Accuracy Conform to GB/T230.2; ASTM E-18; ISO6508

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